Light Stacking

You can create multiple light sources fairly easily, even if you don’t have multiple flashes or light sources… here’s how to create it.

You will need a tripod, some kind of a remote trigger (cable, wireless or your phone) as images need to line-up perfectly.

1. Take several photos while changing the direction, size, angle of your light source.

2. Load the images into Photoshop and paste all of the into a single project – on different layers.
COPY/PASTE will do the job – more experienced users may want to use the “load Files Into Stack” Script

3.  Change the blending mode for each layer to “Lighten”


4. Hide all of the layers except for you background photo – the one with the main light source.

5. Enable each layer (one at a time) and adjust the opacity to taste

Go further…. add light modifiers such as colored gels and see what you can create.



Download the sample file to play with this simple technique

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